A Microbrew Smorgasbord

A Well -Stocked Phoenix Microbrewery

North Mountain Brewing has one of the Valley’s largest hand-crafted beer selections! Not only does NMT BREWING have seasonal beers reflecting the seasons but we also have a solid base of NMT Staple Beers.

C.R.E.E.M. Golden Ale, CardinALE Red, Groovin’ With the Pict Scottish Ale and Hefe Endings are some of our most popular microbews and are considers “staples” to the NMT BREWING beer menu. They are continuously in rotation at the brewery, have received much appreciation from the masses,  are ordered religiously by our valley partners, and are considered the official “thumbprint” of the NMT BREWING COMPANY.

Our seasonal Microbrews are in high demand when released throughout the course of the year. Non-Partisan Lager still deems to be the Official Launch of Summer, and it’s light color and bold flavor fit like a decade old pair of flip flops. Barking Pumpkin Ale signals the beginning of Hallow’s Eve and provides a fantastic holiday-themed microbrew to keep in the fridge all season long. Erin Go Boch is a full-bodied, malty lager tailored for the green of spring. And then of course there is NIB (Nativity in Black), our highly-coveted imperial stout, always barrel-aged and released in the fall. One of NMT BREWING Co’s most successful products.

This is just a small sample of the variety available at NMT Brewing Company on any given visit throughout the year. For a complete list of our fantastic hand-crafted microbrews, please click here. So if you’re a beer lover, and are looking for a great brewery with a wide  variety of flavor and experimentation, be sure to check us out!

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