North Mountain Brewing Microbrewery and Gastropub

North Mountain Brewing prides itself on Hand-Crafted Microbrews brewed right here in Phoenix, Arizona. We use locally grown ingredients whenever possible and enjoy contributing to the local economy and community.

4 PACK 16oz. Canned  Beers to Go

• CREEM Golden Ale: $14
• BABY BELGIAN: $14                                                                                                                                                                                                                        • PURPLESAURUS HEFE: $14

Growler Refill Pricing

If you need a Growler? $5 for either a 32oz. or 64oz. Growler.

Growler Monday is NOW Growler TUESDAY!
$4 Off All  64oz. Growler Fills All Day Long!

• CREEM Golden Ale: $7 for 32oz. / $12 for 64oz.
• HEFE ENDINGS: $7 for 32oz. / $12 for 64oz.
• BABY BELGIAN: $7 for 32oz. / $14 for 64oz.
• GROOVIN’ WITH THE PICT: $7 for 32oz. / $12 for 64oz.
• CARDINALE RED: $7 for 32oz. / $12 for 64oz.                                                                                                                                                                         • SLOPER SAISON: $8 for 32oz. / $14 for 64oz.
• LEFT-HANDED MONKEY WRENCH: $8 for 32oz. / $12 for 64oz.                                                                                                                                      • RABBLE RABBLE HAZY RED IPA: $7 for 32oz. / $12 for 64oz.
• BELAY DOUBLE IPA: $8 for 32oz. / $14 for 64oz.
• SPIRAL MAN OATMEAL STOUT: $7 for 32oz. / $12 for 64oz.
• OLD SCHOOL PILSNER: $9 for 32oz. / $14 for 64oz.                                                                                                                                                             • MERLOT BRUTE PALE ALE: $8 for 32oz. / $14 for 64oz.
• NEW WATER HEMP ALE: $8 for 32oz. / $12 for 64oz.
• DOG’S BOLLOCKS BRITISH ALE: $8 for 32oz. / $14 for 64oz.
• ROSE’S IRISH RED: $9 for 32oz. / $16 for 64oz.
• DUNLAP DUNKEL: $8 for 32oz. / $14 for 64oz.
• THREE STRINGS PORTER: $7 for 32oz. / $12 for 64oz.
• BABY GUAPA BELGIAN ALE: $8 for 32oz. / $14 for 64oz                                                                                                                                                      • PURPLESAURUS HEFE: $8 FOR 32oz / $14 64oz
• PINEAPPLE-MANGO KETTLE SOUR: $8 for 32oz. / $14 for 64oz

: (In-House Dining Only)
• 6 flight ($12) served in 4.75 oz. glasses.
• 8 flight ($15) served in 4.75 oz. glasses.
Great for sharing!  (Barrel Aged, Premium Beer and Super Premium Beer may be extra)

$2 OFF REVERSE HAPPY HOUR (8pm – close,  M-Th)
*$2 off our 8 sampler beer flight (6 flights and short beers not included)

1)  C.R.E.E.M. Golden Ale     (ABV= 5.9/ IBUs=16)     A Golden ale brewed with Oats, Rye and Arizona Wildflower Honey, giving extra flavor to this easy drinking Ale. The name C.R.E.E.M. is an acronym for, and tribute to, North Mountain’s headbrewer’s family.

2) Hefe Endings     (ABV=4.8 /  IBUs=12)     Brewed with all German malts and traditional Munich Hefeweizen yeast.  Medium in color, light in body, with a nice balance of banana and clove flavors compliments of the yeast.

3)  Baby Belgian     (ABV=6.3/ IBUS= 24)     Brewed with all Belgian Malts, Belgian Candi sugar and Belgian yeast. We then add a small dash of late kettle hops to spice up this golden Belgian ale.

4)  Groovin’ With The Pict     (ABV= 6.3 / IBUs= 21)     Dark Scottish Ale with a malty finish and a wee hint of smoke.
Bring on the Small, Furry Animals.

5)  CardinAle Red     (ABV=  5.5 / IBUs= 29)     A hoppy American red with an Amarillo hop aroma plus a dash of Chocolate & Crystal Malts.
The Officially Unaffiliated Beer of the Arizona Cardinals.

6) Sloper Saison     (ABV= 8.2/ IBUs= 31)     French for ‘season’, Saison is typically a low alcohol field beer made for farmers, by farmers. Made to mimic the traditional version made with the eclectic ingredients found around the farm, our version is a nice balanced beer with a bit of a funky Belgian flavor & a hint of pepper. However, standing at 8.2% ABV, it is definitely not a ‘working’ beer. Strong, funky, and eclectic; all the best of what it means to be a ‘Sloper’.

7) Left Handed Monkey Wrench Hazy IPA     (ABV= 4.5 / IBUs=31)     The classic contemporary Hazy IPA, brewed to drink lite but with plenty of flavor. The addition of Biscuit, Aromatic and light Crystal Malts give balance to this very drinkable IPA. Equinot, El Dorado and Mosaic hops then steal the show, with all hops added to the whirlpool or as dry hop additions. It then gets topped off with Tropical Fruit noted from the yeast. All you really need… is a Left Handed Monkey Wrench.

8)Rabble Rabble Hazy IPA     (ABV= 5.8 / IBUs=38)     A Hazy Red IPA celebrating the synergy between the fruity flavors of the yeast with the complementary flavors from the Caramel Malts. Then add a serious dose of hops to the whirlpool and even more straight into the fermenter and you get a unique contemporary Hazy IPA. You can almost hear the crowd exclaim Rabble Rabble!

9) Belay Double IPA     (ABV= 8.0 /  IBUs= 83)     This IPA is directed firmly at the hophead in all of us.  With the clean malt bill required to let the hops lead the charge and dry-hopped with Columbus and Summit, this borderline Imperial IPA is exactly what you need when you need hops

10) Spiral Man Oatmeal  Stout     (ABV= 6.3 / IBUs=31)     As dark as it is smooth; this beer is named in honor of Spiral Man, the 800-year-old Hohokam petroglyph in North Mountain Park.

11) Old School Pilsner     (ABV= 5.8/IBU’s= 32)    A straight forward, classic Pilsner. So what makes it so “Old School”? The use of 100% two Row German Barley. No rice. No corn. Add in an extended aging in the fermenter, or Lagering, and you have an Old School classic Pilsner.

12) Merlot Brute Pale Ale    (ABV= 5.0/ IBUs= 17)    The same malt bill as our C.R.E.E.M. Golden Ale made into a Brute. Merlot Grape juice was added, then we dry-hopped with some Hallertau Blanc Hops, known for their Green Grape flavors.

13) New Water Hemp Ale    (ABV= 6.0/ IBUs= 35)     This American Brown Ale features a variety of delicious malts plus Golden Naked Oats and Hulled Hemp Seed. The water was recycled water provided by Scottsdale’s Internationally Renown state-of-the-art water quality lab. Tested to be comparable in purity to distilled water, this beer brings the future of water quality and the future of Hemp t the Here and Now.

14) Dog’s Bollocks British Ale     (ABV= 6.0/ IBUs= 40)     Our ESB, or Extra Special Bitter, is in the same family as a Pale Ale but a bit maltier instead of hoppier. Using all British ingredients highlighting toasty malts and classic British hops, even visitors from over the pond agree this beer isn’t bollocks. Quite the opposite, it is… the Dog’s Bollocks.

15) Rose’s Irish Red     (ABV=8.2/ IBUs= 82)     Brewed with a healthy dose of Malts and Hops, this Double Red is perfect for the Spring Time and for the Irish in us all. Named in honor of the Head Brewer’s Grandmother.

16) Dunlap Dunkel     (ABV= 5.8/ IBUs= 42)     Brewed with award winning brewers from A.S.H., this lager features a blend on dark European malts that orchestrated to make this beautiful symphony of flavors sing. Nobel Hallertau Hops are used to keep this Munich beer style balanced.

17) Three Strings Porter     (ABV= 5.6/ IBUs= 33)     A Malt-dominated Porter that is dark and robust but with a smooth body for those in search of a mellow, roasty brew. It is a classic, bold enough to be used as the base for the Tangerine Twist or enjoyed on its own.

18) Baby Guapa Belgian Ale    (ABV= 6.2/ IBUs=25)     Guava and Passionfruit added to our Baby Belgian recipe creating a refreshing fruit beer. Spanish for Beautiful, Baby Guapa delivers a beautiful tropical fruit profile that fantasizes the tropic of Belgium.

19) Purplesaurus Hefeweizen    (ABV= 4.8/ IBUs=12)     The same Munich Malts used in the Hefe Endings, with the addition of Real Raspberry and Blueberry. A beautiful color and an edge of tartness, this is one very drinkable fruit beer.

2o) Pineapple/Mango Kettle Sour    (ABV = 5.0/ IBUs = 20)     Our Newest Kettle Sour with highlighting and brite flavors of Pineapple and Mango.


         ***ASK YOUR SERVER ABOUT                                                                                            TAKING BEER HOME IN A GROWLER***

ABV = Alcohol By Volume
IBU’s = International Bittering Units (a measure of the hop bitterness of the beer)  


We have a wide range of Barrels (Bourbon, Whiskey, Scotch, Rum, Brandy, Tequila, Cognac, Red and White Wine, what am I missing?).
And a wide range of beer passing through those Barrels (Pretty much everything at one point or another).
Some of these pass through at unexpected moments, never hitting the Web Site.  So keep your eyes to the sky, ear to the ground, or better yet come on in to see what’s going on.

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