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TRY A SAMPLER FLIGHT, 6 ($12) or 8 ($15) 4.75 OZ. GLASSES.
Great for sharing!  Barrel Aged, Premium Beer and Super Premium is $ 1 extra for each beer in a flight. Ask your server about Nitro Beer.
We also serve wines & mead.

$ 2 off our 8 sampler beer flightexcept for 6 BEER FLIGHTS, and SHORT.

1)  C.R.E.E.M. Golden Ale                                          (ABV= 5.9/ IBUs=16)
A golden ale brewed with Oats, Rye and Arizona Wildflower Honey, giving extra flavor to this easy drinking Ale. The name C.R.E.E.M. is an acronym for, and tribute to, the brewer’s family”

2)  Hefe Endings                                                           (ABV= 5.1/ IBUs=24)
Brewed with all German malts and traditional Munich Hefe yeast. Medium in color, light in body, with a nice balance of banana and clove flavors compliments of the yeast. This beer is the brewers attempt to recapture a specific moment while at beer school in Munich.

3)  Purplesaurus Hef                                                   (ABV= 4.8/ IBUs=12)
The same German malts as Hefe Endings, with the addition of real Raspberry and Blueberry.  A beautiful color and an edge of tartness, this is one very drinkable fruit beer.

4)  Baby Belgian                                                             (ABV= 6.3/ IBUs=24)        Brewed with all Belgian Malts, Candi sugar and yeast. We then add a small dash of late kettle hops to spice up this golden Belgian ale.

5)  Grooving With The Pict                                        (ABV= 6.3 / IBUs= 21)
Dark Scottish Ale with the malty finish and a wee hint of smoke. Bring on the Small Furry Animals!

6)  CardinAle Red                                                         (ABV=  5.5 / IBUs= 29)
A hoppy red with a nice hop aroma plus a dash of chocolate & crystal malts.                      The Officially Unaffiliated Beer of the Arizona Cardinals.

7)  Redouble Double Red                                           (ABV= 6.7 / IBUs= 70)               This Imperial Red is a blend of eight malts and four hops. Featuring a complex malty backbone and solid hop bite with another layer of hops from late kettle additions.
Formerly known as Octomalt.

8)  Left Handed Monkey Wrench HAZY IPA        (ABV=4.5/ IBUs= 31)                The classic comtemporary Hazy IPA, brewed to drink light but with plenty of flavor.  The addition of Biscuit, Aromatic, and light Crystal Malts give a bit of balance to this very drinkable IPA.  Equinox, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops added in whirlpool plus more dry hop additions.   All you need is a Left Handed Monkey Wrench to make everything right!

9) Rabble Rabble HAZY IPA                                       (ABV=- 5.1/ IBUs= 39)                   A Hazy Red IPA celebrating the synergy between the fruity flavors of the yeast with the complimentary flavors from the Caramel malts.  Then add a serious dose of hops to the whirlpool and even more straight into the fermenter and you get a unique contemporary Hazy IPA.  You can almost hear the crowd exclaim Rabble Rabble.

10)  Belay Double IPA                                                 (ABV= 8.0 /  IBUs= 83)
This IPA is directed firmly at the hophead in all of us.  With the clean maltbill required to let the hops lead the charge and dry-hopped with Columbus and Summit, this borderline Imperial IPA is exactly what you need when you need hops.

11)  Non-Partisan Lager                                          (ABV= 5.4/ IBUs=19)
Brewed with the help of our Councilwoman Debra Stark, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton(D) and Councilman Bill Gates (R). A clean, straw colored Munich Helles brewed in accordance to the Reinhetzgebot (German beer purity law) this is a smooth, malt accented lager.

12)  I  AM  BRUTE Pale Ale                                   (ABV= 6.0 / IBUs=20)                         The base of this beer is Smash wort theft with the Arizona Society of Homebrewers.    Using Chardonnay grape concentrate to push the Champagne aspect, then gently dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc Hops.  Using the enzyme necessary for a Brute Ale, we were able to dry out this beer, allowing the grape flavors in the hops to shine.

13)  Soiled Dove Dirty Blonde Ale                         (ABV= 5.0/ IBUs=35)                    This ale has a touch more color and flavor than your typical blonde.  Clean and easy drinking, with just enough chocolate malt to dirty it up a bit.

14)  Señor Chata                                                           (ABV= 5.5/ IBUs=19)                  We started with a healthy dose of light crystal, added some honey malt for sweetness, oats for texture and in house toasted Jasmine rice for some toasty notes. At the end of fermentation we added some Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla bean, cinnamon (stick and ground) and in-house toasted coconut. The result will be a light, easy drinking beer brewed with the traditional Horchata in mind.

15) Strawberry Yum Yum ~                                    (ABV=9.3 /  IBUs=26)
Tart and Tasty! Brewed using all Belgian Malts, Dark Belgian Candi Sugar and true Belgian yeast. Dark malts give this beer a dark fruit backbone (think plum and raisin) to which we added Strawberry and Rhubarb.

16) N’erotic Belgian Ale                                              (ABV= 10.2/ IBUs= 29)
Smooth, Golden and Malty!  Bigger than a Belgian Trippel, lighter than a Quad, it is N’erotic.  Just be careful, that 10.2 ABV hides itself well!

17)  Happy Kraut Marzen ~                                              (ABV= 6.1 / IBUs= 26)
Our Marzen style Festbier is brewed just once a year.  Bringing a little German  tradition home, this Reinheitsgebot ( German Beer Purity Law) friendly beer features Munich and Vienna malts.  Along for the ride is a German yeast plus Hallertau  and Tettnanger hops.  Prost!

18) Dead Hero/ Rest in Porter                                        (ABV= 5.2/ IBUs= 29)              Rest in Porter is an easy drinking Coffee Porter full of Roasted Malt and Coffee flavors.  Resulting from a collaboration between North Mountain Brewing and Tom Lopez from local Slope Records- this is the first in the Dead Heroes line, a tribute to the Dead Heroes of Rock and Roll.

19) Barking Pumpkin Ale ~                                               (ABV= 8.5/ IBUs= 29)
Brewed with brown sugar, pumpkin, and fine Belgian chocolates.  Then finished with our own blend  of Pumpkin Pie spices, vanilla beans, Espresso coffee, and cocao nibs, this beer has many layers of flavors.  Standing at almost 9% ABV, this is not your typical Pumpkin Brew!

20)  Barrel-Aged N.I.B. Imperial Stout ^~                       (ABV= 13.2/IBUs= 64)      Deep, Dark and Rich, with the addition of the highest quality of dark maple syrup available, this beer is as big as it is dark.  Not for the faint of heart this beer is Nativity in Black!

        *  no growler sales, typically because  of alcohol content or a beer in short supply.

WHAT IS FERMENTING?     Christmas Ale, Stout, Quad, Grooving with the Picts, Belgian Ale and more IPAs,  plus more barrel aged beers!

 WE GOT SOME MORE BARRELS LIKE TEQUILAS, BOURBON, SCOTCH and BRANDY Barrels.  IT  KEEPS EVOLVING!  Here is a peak of our current lineup: Old Ales, NIB Imperial Oatmeal Stout and Fruit Ale in Cognac Barrels. and then some in a whiskey barrel blended and non-blended, Barleywine, IMPERIAL PILSNER, BARLEY WINE, DARK BELGIAN, AND OF COURSE IMPERIAL IPAs  AGED BARRELS LIKE  in  BOURBON (AMERICAN and SPANISH), TEQUILA,  RUM, RED WINES, WHITE WINES,  BRANDY, AND COGNAC.  THESE BEERS WILL BE SPECIAL RELEASE!  

PLEASE CALL FOR MOST CURRENT CRAFT BEER LIST as we frequently change our beer list.  See you soon. CHEERS!

We also carry  wines and meads.