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 TRY A SAMPLER FLIGHT, 6 ($12) or 8 ($15) 4.75 OZ. GLASSES. Great for sharing!  Barrel Aged, Premium Beer and Super Premium is $ 1 extra for each beer in a flight. Ask your server about Nitro Beer. We also serve wines & mead. 

ALL BEER IS $1 OFF DURING HAPPY HOUR (3-6 pm M-F) & REVERSE HAPPY HOUR (8-10  M-TH) & $ 2 off our 8 sampler beer flight.
except for 6 BEER FLIGHTS, and SHORT.

1)  C.R.E.E.M  Golden  Ale                     ( ABV= 5.9 /  IBUs= 16)    A golden ale brewed with Oats, Rye and Arizona Wildflower Honey, giving extra flavor to this easy drinking ale.  The name C.R.E.E.M.  is an acronym for, and tribute to,  the brewer’s family.

2)  Hefe Endings                                       (ABV= 4.8/ IBUs=12)  Brewed with all German malts and traditional Munich Hefe yeast. Medium in color, light in body, with a nice balance of banana and clove flavors compliments of the yeast. This beer is the brewers attempt to recapture a specific moment while at beer school in Munich.

3)  Dog’s Bollocks                                      (ABV=6.0 / IBUs= 36)  Our ESB, or Extra Special Bitter, is in the same family as a Pale Ale but a bit maltier instead of hoppier.  Using all British ingredients highlighting toasty malts and classic British hops, even visitors from over the pond agree this beer isn’t bollocks.  Quite the opposite, it is…  the Dog’s Bollocks.

4)  Baby  Belgian Ale                                 (ABV = 6.3 /IBU’s- 25)   Brewed with Belgian ingredients and yeast, this Tripel is a Baby only when it stands next to its bigger sister, the seasonal N’erotic.

5 )  Czech Your Mind Imperial Pils     (ABV= 9.2 / IBUs= 28) *~ Dominated by Pilsner malt w/ a dash of Vienna, & enough IBU’s to balance it out and keep it in the Pilsner theme.  Brewed for maximum fermentability to keep it from being sweet.

6)  Groovin With  The Pict                      ( ABV= 6.3 / IBUs= 21)   Dark Scottish Ale with the malty finish and a wee hint of smoke. Bring on the Small Furry Animals!

7) CardinAle Red                                         ( ABV=5.5 /  IBUs=29)  A hoppy red with a nice aroma from Zythos hops plus a dash of chocolate & crystal malts. The Officially Unaffiliated Beer of the Arizona Cardinals. 

8)  Time of the Saison ~                            (ABV = 8.2/IBU’s= 31)   French for ‘season’ a field beer made for farmers, a nice balanced beer with a hint of  Belgian flavor & a hint of pepper.

9)   Belay Double IPA~                                (ABV-8.0/IBUs-83)       This IPA is directed firmly at the hophead in all of us.  With the clean maltbill required to let the hops lead the charge and dryhopped with Columbus and Summit, this borderline Imperial IPA is exactly what you need when you need hops.

10)  IPAcious IPA ~                                        ( ABV=8.1 / IBUs= 76)    Six different malts make the malty backbone of thi IPA, giving this IPA a broad, spacious flavor spectrum.  Add to that a healty dose of Citra and Mosaic hops to lead the way and you have IPAcious IPA.

11) Hanging Belay Imperial IPA ~             ( ABV= 9.0 / IBUs=101)    With a malt bill featuring light crystal malts, a hint of Honey, and Chocolate malts, this IPA is highlighted by Simcoe and Cascade hops. 

12) St. Virilius Belgian Chocolate Ale~   (ABV= 6.0 /  IBUs= 29)    A collaboration between NMT Brewing and Richter Aleworks, this beer features Special B and Chocolate Malts, plus 20lbs of raisins and real BelgianChocolate for a nice chocolate finish.

 13) Spiral Man Oatmeal  Stout                (ABV= 5.8 / IBUs=34)      In honor of the Spiral Man Petroglyph carved in North Mountain Park by Hohokam over 800 years ago.

14) James Brown Imperial Soul *~         (ABV= 8.567 / IBUs=35)  The first beer ever brewed on site was James Brown Ale.  This beer is the Imperial version, brewed for our upcoming anniversary (patiently resting in our Barrel Room).  A taste of caramel, chocolate & dates.  Let’s boogie.

15) Nefarious Dark Belgian Quad ~        (ABV= 9.2 / IBUs= 32)       A little darker and a little more raising and more dark malts.  This blend of European malts combines to form a rich but smooth dark ale ferment with Belgian Yeast.

16) Kaiserlich Dunkleweiss ~                    (ABV= 7.0 / IBUs= 22)    A  dark  wheat beer with lots of flavor and 7% alcohol.  This beer lives up to its name Kaiserlich, German for Imperial. 

WHAT IS FERMENTING?    Fruit Ale, Extra Special Bitter- ESB, James Brown Ale,  Belgian Dark Strong, Oatmeal Stout, Belgian Ale,  and Old Ale. 

 Our Barrel Aged Room KEEPS EVOLVING!  Here is a peak of our current lineup: Old Ales, Oatmeal Stout and Fruit Ale in Cognac Barrels. and then some in a whiskey barrel blended and non-blended, Barleywine, IMPERIAL PILSNER, BARLEY WINE, DARK BELGIAN, AND OF COURSE IMPERIAL IPAs  AGED BARRELS LIKE  in  BOURBON (AMERICAN and SPANISH), TEQUILA,  RUM, RED WINES, WHITE WINES,  BRANDY, AND COGNAC.  THESE BEERS WILL BE SPECIAL RELEASE!  

I.P.A. (always an I.P.A., we can barely keep up!),

PLEASE CALL FOR MOST CURRENT CRAFT BEER LIST as we frequently change our beer list.  See you soon. 

We also carry  wines and meads.